We humanely raise all our chicken, turkeys and collect all our eggs here on our farm! Our produce is free range, hormone free and antibiotic free!


Support the local economy and community with our homemade, locally sourced products. From jams to honey, pies to frozen meals, everything is made with love using the finest local ingredients. Join us in embracing the flavours of our community and indulging in the taste of home.


Our premium, homegrown bird seed blend. Handcrafted with love on our farm, our cost-friendly mix combines the finest local ingredients to ensure high quality and affordability. Discover a variety of beautiful birds flocking to your feeder, as our carefully selected greens entice them with a delectable feast. Join us in nurturing nature and creating a backyard haven for our feathered friends.


Discover our wide range of premium feeds specifically formulated for a variety of animals, including chickens, horses, swine, beef cattle, rabbits, and more. Partnering with Jones feed mill, we ensure top-notch quality in every batch. With a diverse selection of feed brands, we cater to the unique nutritional needs of each animal, guaranteeing a nourishing and wholesome diet. Join us in providing optimal nutrition for all your animals.

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About Edwards Farm

Our Farm Offers Bird Seed, Animal Feeds, Local Foods, Fresh Eggs and Farm-Raised Meat in the Innisfil & Simcoe Area.

Our local family-run farm takes great pride in ensuring that all our animals enjoy a life of freedom and happiness. They are free to roam and live their lives to the fullest, ultimately contributing to the quality of our products for our valued clients. Our motto at Edwards Farm is “Know where your food comes from!” All our animal products are nourished with specialty diets that cater to their well-being and provide our clients with healthier, more nutritious, and delicious meals for their families. We believe in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where our clients can feel confident that they are making a conscious choice for their loved ones when it comes to meal time.

  • Free Range
  • Local Farm Raised
  • Farm Fresh
  • Affordable
Our Products

Free Range Animal Meat Products

Shop our local farm pantry products, animal feeds, birdseed and meat products.

  • 100% Local
    All our meat products are Ontario, locally sourced and are hormone and antibiotic free.
  • Free-Range
    All our animals live a free ranged and happy life.
  • High Quality
    Birdseed and Animal Feed
    Our cost-friendly mixes combine the finest local ingredients to ensure high quality and affordability.

Our Google Reviews

I love this store!! It’s a hidden gem for sure! I go for chicken feed and always leave with something else because I just love everything in there..

Brandie Gibbs

I love this place! The staff are kind and helpful. They have Empire Cheese which is extremely high quality. They also carry Sheldon Creak dairy products, which are also stellar.

Giuliana Ruffolo

Its large area of Beautiful sunflower farm, well maintained the farm field for easily walking around, Nice place for photography. Entrance fee is reasonable compare to other farm..

Kevin Roger