Pigeon Feed and Supplies

We have a wide selection of in-house mixes, perfect for all seasons and stages of training. We also offer whole grains that allow you to create your own blend, or reach out to us to create a custom mix that is specific to your pigeon’s needs. We carry both Natural and Versele-Laga products for your pigeon health and wellness.

Pigeon Feed

  • Breeding Mix
  • Diet mix
  • Moulting mix
  • Racing mix
  • Pigeon Pellets
  • Whole grains
  • Winter mix
  • Rankin flying mix
  • Rankin roller mix
  • Stockbird special
  • Pigeon popcorn
  • Bird seeds

Pigeon Supplies

  • Vitamineral & electrolytes
  • Premix vitamins
  • Bath salts & loft white
  • Garlic Oil
  • Pickpot & pickstone
  • Numbered bands
  • Nest bowls & liners
  • Waterers & feeders
  • Grit & redstone
  • Plastic hollow & weighted eggs