Farm Raised Meat

All of our meat is hormone and anti-biotic free. Here at Edwards Farm, we raise our own beef, chicken and turkey and we are supported by our partnering local farms, for our pork, lamb and goat.


Our cattle are raised on site and are hormone and anti-biotic free, enjoying a grain and grass-fed diet. We offer a large variety of steaks, roasts, ground beef and more. Our beef is aged 21 days and the flavour speaks for itself!


Our chickens are raised on site and are fed a balanced diet in a healthy, caring free-range environment. From whole chicken to ground and many cuts in between, our chicken is loaded with deliciousness and sure to please!


Our free-range turkeys are raised on site and available for purchase twice each year, perfect for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Please call ahead to request your turkey as they are gobbled up quickly.


All of our pork is raised at our neighbouring farm, Rix Farms. Their pork is hormone and anti-biotic free, loaded with flavour and no fillers. We carry a large variety of cuts from chops to roasts and of course, the very popular, thick sliced bacon!


We are pleased to offer Ontario raised Lamb as part of our selection which include, chops, ribs, racks, ground, shoulder and leg.


New to our lineup is Ontario raised Goat, as we expand our meat section to offer bone in goat meat. Perfect for stews and curries!